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Being compelled to return to the office? How is it for you?

You will have seen from my previous post that I am fascinated by the future of work. I believe that the concept and construct of the office is outdated and needs to change.

Before the pandemic, there were many companies offering more flexible working arrangements but these were not always universally available. Bosses popped in when they needed, call centre staff were ‘required to attend’ with rigorous management of absence. Then, all of a sudden, the whole company is turned upside down. The Government dictated that almost all of us must work from home (WFH). I have written before about the positives and negatives and concluded that, by and large for many staff the WFH option is a good one and it should deliver significant benefits to companies.

So, why are we seeing such a diversity of thought and action in relation to the great return? Huge, successful companies especially in tech, are saying that working from home permanently is fine yet others including many Government ministers are saying ‘get back to the office!’

I am keen to learn about your experience.

1. Does your company offer flexibility?

2. Are you allowed to WFH permanently?

3. Were you forced back?

4. Has your attitude towards your employer changed and how?

5. Did you change jobs?

6. What are you missing about the office?

7. Do you fear you will be overlooked for promotion?

Please let my have your thoughts. I will be asking similar questions about employer attitudes to see if there is consent or dicergence.


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