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Disengagement - The Silent Killer

With just two weeks to go, we are looking forward to the Game Changers panel-led event hosted by Centrical. We all know that:

- turnover of staff is at record levels,

- quiet quitting exists,

- flexible working has become a real challenge

- the measured climate and culture of organisations are declining

Yet leaders often lack the data, tools and actionable ideas to help them be better leaders, and middle and junior managers often feel lost and unsupported.

Join our workshop in London on 11th October and Manchester on 13th to hear from a fantastic panel of speakers including Dr Steve Glowinkowski, Katy Forsyth, Rich Pemberton, Kendra Walker and Piers Brown discuss the issues and offer practical help and guidance.

Let me know if you would like to be part of the conversation

Game Changers Invite
Download PDF • 282KB

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