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How many Insurance 'C suite' Execs have a Tik Tok Account?

Social media for business is now an essential component of product distribution for many companies. Like it or not, Instagram influencers sell stuff from clothes to technology to cars to services yet a scroll though Instagram or Facebook reveals precious little activity by insurers. Now there is Tik Tok and its huge! 1 billion monthly active users (yes that's one billion). Yet take a look at the insurance pages, nothing there from the big players to the smallest unless I was so bored of scrolling that I gave up. The insurance industry was disrupted by the aggregators years ago and still no real alternative had been found. Maybe its time to take a long hard look at insurance marketing teams. Are you hiring the right people? Tomorrow, go and ask your CMO what the plans are for a Tik Tok campaign. It will be fascinating to hear your responses. #futureofwork #tiktok #socialmedia #futureofinsurance #insuranceinfluencer

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