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Still having a return to the office dilemma? Let me help your thinking.

Well, well, well! Family jewels not quite so big now Mr Gorman? Amazing to see that Citibank run by a woman has worked out a successful hybrid model but the Chief at Morgan Stanley who probably gets a Chauffer to work and has a large private office, was insisting on a return. At least he has had the decency to soften his stance. I know which bank I would prefer to work for! Be interesting to compare the engagement scores of the two banks! Whether we like it or not, the world has changed and many people don’t want 100% office time any more. Commuting is usually horrid on crowded expensive trains, people are genuinely scared of infections and love some flexibility, not to sit on Peletons all day as one government minister rudely suggested but, to do the practical things that any normal family has to cope with every day. Wanna watch your turnover and sickness rise and potentially lose your best talent….. go ahead make your competitors day! #people #talent #engagement

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