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What is digital transformation?

So much is written about digital transformation yet there is no clear definition and it means many different things to many different people. For me, it’s starts with data! How do you power your business through data and analytics. It not about a slick web site or mobile app, it’s not about fancy products that don't resonate with customers. I believe that a true digital transformation starts with strategy - what is your business purpose? What is it that makes your firm unique? Why should customers choose you? Only once you understand that through deep analysis of data, can you decide on your business model. How will you deliver for your customers? Which channels? What’s your operating model and then which of that needs human interaction and skills and which is best delivered by technology. So many businesses start by saying ‘we will be digital and not need human interaction’ but fail to deliver. Insurance is littered with failed digital start-ups and so many existing business fail to transform. Most forget it’s about the customer!

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